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I'm Jasmine, your vegan coach. I’m super excited to help you go vegan & get fit with a flexible approach to nutrition & workouts that make sense for your lifestyle. As awesome as it is that veganism is gaining popularity, as demand grows, so are ideas about how to go about it. Which can make transitioning so much harder than it needs to be - let’s fix that! Flexible-dieting can work for any lifestyle (as long as you can read) because YOU decide what’s on your own menu. Once you understand your options, with a few guidelines & follow-thru, you will be good to go vegan (& stay fit) for life!


Vegan + Macros = Game Changer!

I struggled my first year to transition from a traditional bodybuilding/fitness diet to eating100% plant-based.  I even gained weight and fell off the veg train a few times initially because I was so frustrated.  I would then feel disappointed in myself, but I didn't understand how to translate my nutrition specifically for my body.  I had only ever identified foods as "good" or "bad," and whether I was vegan or not, that all or nothing approach never ended well for me.  

When I discovered flexible-dieting and learned how to balance my diet with an IIFYM (if it fits your macros) approach, it changed the game for me!  Because rather than a diet, it's simply a way of eating whatever food options you want while exercising some portion control.  So that these choices make good sense for your goals.  Since everyone is different, everyone has a specific amount of calories/macros (protein, fat and carbohydrate) they need to hit each day.  It's up to you to decide how you want to meet those target numbers.  

With a flexible nutrition plan, instead of passing judgement on whether having a particular food is going to make you a "good" or "bad" person, you simply look at how the numbers add up within your daily totals.  You don't have to shame yourself for craving a cookie.  A box of cookies might not be smart, but one or two within your macros, on top of otherwise nutrient-dense meals on a given day, is totally ok.  Moderation actually works!

From 150lb as a “clean eater” who binged on the weekends to now, maintaining a lean 135lb with more food freedom than ever tracking macros. Vegan in both pics.

From 150lb as a “clean eater” who binged on the weekends to now, maintaining a lean 135lb with more food freedom than ever tracking macros. Vegan in both pics.


Changing the way I looked at nutrition changed my mindset in other ways.  For the first time in my life since my teens, I quit binge-eating and restricting.  Saying 'no' is actually easier now because I know I'm in control of my own choices and not a slave to some made-up, perfect meal plan.  That helped me commit to a vegan lifestyle as well.  The choice to not eat, or harm animals is not a restriction to me.  I have peace of mind in relationship to my food (I never feel guilty after I eat), my body image and life.  

Finding balance has made me so much happier and healthier.  I absolutely love that I now get to help empower other passionate women to do this for themselves!  My programs are designed to help you discover what YOUR body needs to reach your health and fitness goals, understand your options and become stronger from the inside, out.  I think any good coach, no matter what their craft, is really in the business of building confidence.  I don't strive to retain clients, but to support them so they can pass along their success.  I am truly grateful for every opportunity this work brings me.  Thanks for reading!


Coach Jasmine

to most people Fitness Means Being Physically in shape, But it’s really About Total wellBeing. For most of my life I struggled with body image, disordered eating and consistency with workouts until I Turned my attention to How My lifestyle made me feel overall. Once I made my health a priority and Implemented A strategy I could live with, Fitness came full-circle for me and became so much easier. As a Coach My goal is to empower other women to do the same with an emphasis on Plant-based nutrition. Going vegan 6+ years ago was Another Shift That changed my life for the better. it is core to My passion not only for health, but a lifestyle that compels compassion and personal responsibility.

- Institute of Integrative Nutrition

- Precisicion Nutrition Coach

- NASM certified Personal Trainer

- NASM Weight Loss Specialist

- NPC Bikini Competitor

- Vegan Strong Team Athlete

Jasmine Marie is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NASM certified personal trainer, Precision Sports Nutrition coach and accredited Weight-loss Specialist with over 6 years of experience helping people reach their fitness goals thru a plant-based diet.  She is also an NPC Bikini Competitor and proud member of the Vegan Strong Team founded by Robert Cheeke.  The demands that strength training places on the mind and body helped her cultivate a confidence inside herself that eventually led her to coaching other women.  She has a conviction that there's nothing more empowering than getting in touch with the reality that you are in control of your own life.  Starting with your health isn't only fundamental, but something you truly feel inside and out.  It tends to have a domino affect, improving other aspects of one's life as well.  For Jasmine, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing others continue to manifest positive changes thru becoming a stronger, healthier version of themselves.

Her passion for health and fitness were the catalyst for her going vegan 6 years ago when she started taking a more in depth look at where and how the food she was eating was sourced.  Factory farming was an industry she no longer wanted to support and growing awareness made her realize that a vegan lifestyle was the only option for her.  Already a passionate cook who loved creating healthier versions of favorite treats and comfort foods, she was inspired to get creative making plant-based recipes that would also support her athletic goals.  Over the years, she's made it her mission to share how to cook vegan options and meal prep so easy, anyone with a desire to transform their lifestyle can do it!  Her online coaching business offers customized training programs and nutrition guidance to help conscious, busy women get fit and feel their best inside and out!   You can check out more of her food and fit tips on instagram @lafemmevegan and @veganflexibledieting